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    Block Printing in Jaipur: Abstract Stripe Block

    block printing with a hand-carved abstract stripe block

    When I signed up for the trip to Jaipur, I knew I’d love every part of it. It was a whole week that revolved around fabric – what could be better?! But there were two things that were a million times better than I had imagined. First: I was absolutely enthralled with block printing and, more than anything, loved that this class gave me some much-needed creative space to play. And second: everyone on the trip was wonderful, kind, supportive, talented, and FUN.

    The combination of these two factors made every single day a treat. On the first few days of the trip, when we were designing our own blocks and printing with Jen, there were great ideas being manifested everywhere. Everyone was working on something unique, and it was pure joy to take a break from carving my own blocks, walk around, and look at the eye candy that everyone else was making.

    block printed fabrics created by my trip mates

    With block printing, it’s impossible to be perfect (unless you’re Brigitte Singh…) and Jen’s attitude, which I worked to emulate, is to: accept that the imperfections will happen, plan for them in your work, and embrace them as part of what makes a handprinted textile so special.

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    Block Printing in Jaipur: Peacock Block

    blockprinting peacocks in jaipur

    At the beginning of October, I went on the trip of a lifetime: Ace Camps Block Printing in Jaipur, India. Day 1 in India marked our first day of class with Jen Hewett (author of Print, Pattern, Sew), who had flown in from San Francisco to teach us block printing and, of course, enjoy the beauty that is Jaipur. Spoiler alert: she’s awesome and teaches a fantastic class.

    Our lodgings were a palace-turned-hotel, and my favorite feature of the venue (besides the adorable doors/doorways/alcoves) was the space allocated for our workshop. On a secluded corner of the property, we gathered two to a table and worked beneath the shade of a giant tree. It was bliss.

    blockprinting peacocks in jaipur
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    Why Blog Again?

    The SamanthaSews blog has been a long time coming. I’ve had the domain sitting dormant for 4 years now, waiting. And after something sits for a while, it becomes a “thing”. Like, “whatever I write better be worth the wait”. And so the wait just gets longer, and starting becomes more of a “thing”, and the spiral continues.

    Luckily for all of us, I just returned from an incredible trip to Jaipur, India, that was all about fabric and making things. I have so many pictures and experiences that I want to share. Of course, I’m already overthinking about “what will I write about after India?” But I’m determined to start here, start somewhere, and the rest will follow.

    I loved blogging on Fluffyland (12 years’ worth!) but it was time for something different. And that brings us to here, now. Still me, Samantha, sharing pictures of my projects and adventures. Fluffyland – a name that I came up with at age 14 by writing different happy words on a scrap of paper – just doesn’t fit me anymore. And that’s okay.

    samanthasews instagram top 9

    And why not just stick to Instagram? I love Instagram, and it’s so easy. But I also love writing. I love typing with more than just my thumbs. I love telling all of a story – not just what fits in a textblock. And some moments can’t be distilled to just a handful of pictures. But most of all? I love reading blogs, and I cherish the blogs that remain active on my feed reader. So I’m hoping to do my part to keep this medium alive.

    Let’s begin.