I’m Samantha. Most people call me Sam, but I do like being Samantha when I’m feeling fancy.

in my element: plant shopping in tucson, az

I started blogging in 2006 on the Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog. SamanthaSews is the logical next step. I’m still all about making things, I just needed a new space.

I’m a mechanical engineer in “real life”. When it was time to choose a major, I picked engineering because I wanted to learn all that I could about making things. I figured it couldn’t hurt my creative side to learn how to make things structurally stable, optimized, and efficient. It’s an optic I now bring to everything I make, and I think it gives me a unique perspective in the world of textile art.

I currently live in Miami, Florida with my fiancĂ© David. I’m a mountains girl at heart but I’m not complaining about my beach life. I’m a homebody and love to be home sewing, painting, cooking, reading, or practicing yoga, but I can be coaxed outside with promises of beach walks, plants, or tacos.

You can find me on Etsy: SamanthaSewsShop has modern laser cuts; Fluffyland has stuffed animal patterns, kits, and supplies.